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As well as being an astrologer, Mary Wallace is a musician, author, and lover of animals. She began giving  professional astrology readings 20 years ago after moving to Boulder, Colorado from New York City. She uses her well honed skills to guide her clients along the road of life, bringing them the gifts of self-awareness, hope, and purpose.




"Mary's clear and insightful interpretation of astrology gives people a wonderful understanding of the various gifts we are all given." 

Sandra McMannis CMT

“After my grandson was born, I asked Mary to do a chart for him as a gift to his parents. What a blessing it was! Through his chart they were able to see what his gifts were, his personality traits, and even health issues he many be prone to. My daughter-in-law was so excited! She told me that a lot of what his chart said she could already see. Since then they have bought him a toy piano to help bring out his musical gifts, and they understand a lot more of how to deal with the general day to day trials of being a parent."

Jeannie Barnes

"When I first booked a reading with Mary I wasn't quite sure what to expect and Mary did not disappoint. You can tell Mary personalizes every reading that is able to accurately pinpoint and describe personal points in your life. She was able to give myself  the knowledge to understand astrology on a deeper level and also provide a calming space in the reading with generous guidance from the stars."

Gage Ciske

"Mary Wallace has a deep intuitive "knowing" of astrology. Her unique ability allows her to read astrology charts in the same way that a musician reads a sheet of music. She senses your personality traits and helps guide you in a variety of life transitions. She is a wonderful resource of knowledge."

Missy Dolan

“I have known Mary for many years. Her help with astrology is absolutely divine, helpful, and remarkable. It has you understand your life and the best ways on what to apply to it. I highly recommend Mary."

Marlayne Nissen

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